About Langland


Jorge Wolman / Malena Alonso / Joaquin Safadi  Administration
Rebecca Oswin – Quality Manager and Supervisor
Samir Safadi – Director
English:                          Spanish/English:                                                    
Victoria Fiske                    Aline Vega                                                              
Germán Falconi                Anita Steiner     
Janet Lewis                      Susan Novalinski                                 
Jana Krumlová                 Ximena Álvarez                                                
Rebecca Oswin               Rebecca Aquino
Micaela Gomez               Facundo Camacho
                                        Fiorella Parodi
                                        Agustina Sturla
 Arabic/English:             German:                       Portuguese/Spanish: 
 Ali Shaaban                    Wolfgang Fliedl              María del Carmen Quinta
                                                                               Liliana Colina
                                                                               Marina Sanchez
Swedish/English:           Italian/English:           Chinese:  
 Iris Saxlund                    Carlotta Casalini           Tsai Ming Hung
                                        Del Piano Carola
French:                           Spanish:                      Portuguese
Florencia Torres               Diego Ipata                   Leandro Lima
                                                                              Marcela Guasque
Cristina Alfaro                     

Jaco Van der Merwe (Founder)          Julie Cibils (Founder)

Adrián Olguin (Perpetual Advisor)      Iris Zlotagora 

Staff who have left an enduring mark at Langland:

Cristina Aldabalde, Nancy Benvidez, Justin Boreson, Karina Carosio, June Chua Tan, 

Gaston Diaz, Julie Duarte, Francisco Espinoza, Pablo Etchemndy, Sylvia Giordano,

Monica Holcberg,  Irma Hummel, Matias Lasarte, 

Marisol Marquez, Christobel Moore,  Soledad Morales, Yuko Natsume, Malvina Prado,

Rebecca Ragland, Alberto Rodriguez, Gimena Rubil, Laura Williams,




About us:


Being a good language institute entails not only providing excellent lessons and a stimulating learning environment but above all it is about helping students achieve their language communication objectives in the best possible way.



Our attitude towards clients:

Learning is at the top of our list of priorities.
We listen. We take pride in our work.
We do not mislead clients.

Our obiter dicta (mottoes):

“Together Everyone Achieves More”
“We prefer the discipline of knowledge to the anarchy of ignorance.”
“No one said it was going to be easy, just worth it.”

The Langland Staff